Tax-efficient giving

Great news! You can help Sightsavers to fund even more miracle life-changing operations with just one signature. It couldn’t be simpler.

By completing a tax-efficient giving form, you can make your gifts go further towards protecting sight and changing lives. Just a moment of your time can really make a lifetime of a difference.

If you’re a taxpayer, either via PAYE or self-employed, and gave €250 or more to Sightsavers during a calendar year, we can claim back the tax you have already paid on your donations from Revenue. This means a donation of €250 could be worth €362.32 – that’s an additional €112.32!

This extra amount alone could pay for a child cataract operation, two sight-saving trachoma operations, or medication to protect six communities from river blindness for a year.

All of these treatments will have a profound effect on the people who receive them. As well as saving their sight, you’ll be giving people back their independence, boosting their chances of an education and protecting their livelihoods. You really could make a life-changing difference to hundreds of people by completing a tax-efficient giving form.

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If you’d like to get in touch about tax-efficient giving, give us a call on 01 663 7666 or email [email protected].

Download the form

Your tax-efficient giving form

Five simple steps to complete your tax form

Just download this tax form and follow the steps to make your gifts go even further. It’ll take less than a minute!

  1.  Complete your contact details and PPS number.
  2. Enter “Sightsavers Ireland” as the eligible charity.
  3. Enter your first tax year – this is the first year that you’ve given €250 or more to Sightsavers. If you’re not sure, we can help. Just call us on 01 663 7666 to find out.
  4. Sign and date the bottom of the form.
  5. Send it to Sightsavers Ireland, 305 The Capel Building, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7, D07R672, Ireland and we’ll take care of the rest.


In the case of corporate donations, the company can claim a deduction as if it were a trading expense.

Download the form

Ready to make a difference? Download a form using the link below, then follow the five steps to complete your form.

Your tax-efficient giving form

About the scheme

If you’re a taxpayer, either via PAYE or self-employed, and gave €250 or more to Sightsavers during a calendar year, we can claim back the tax you have already paid on your donations from revenue. This means a donation of €250 could be worth €362.32 – that’s an additional €112.32!

Any donations paid by you personally are eligible, provided that you didn’t obtain a tangible benefit (tangible benefit e.g. raffle tickets, raised sponsorship yourself, sponsorship of others’ activities).

The enduring tax form is valid for five years and doesn’t commit you to make any future donations. It simply enables Sightsavers to claim tax back for any year in which you gave €250 or more – without having to send you a new form each year.

If you decide later that you do not want Sightsavers to obtain the tax relief, you can cancel an enduring certificate at any stage by contacting us. Call on 01 6637666 or email at [email protected]

Don’t worry if your circumstances change. We claim automatically, and if we’re not eligible to receive any tax back, we don’t.

If you prefer to provide a certificate on an annual basis, we can send you an annual certificate. However, it is more effective if you complete an enduring certificate because it could make your donations over a five-year period tax-effective without the need for any further paperwork.

Each charity can claim tax back on your generous gift. We will only be claiming back on the money that you have given to Sightsavers.

Your personal details

No, we don’t need that information – and any information you do give us will be kept completely confidential.

You don’t need to reveal your tax details. You don’t need to tell us how much tax you pay – under the new system, we don’t even need to know whether you are PAYE or self-assessed or what tax rate you pay. All we need is your signature and PPS number, which you can find on most tax/social welfare documents addressed to you. We will retain this number securely and only for the purposes of obtaining tax rebates on your donations.

Yes, absolutely. When you provide us with your PPS number, these details are retained securely and only used for obtaining tax rebates on your donations.

Not at all, it won’t cost you a penny in tax or affect your tax status in any way.


There are many ways we can claim back on your donations. So even if you are retired, not currently paying tax or on maternity leave, you could still be eligible for our tax-efficient giving scheme. So please complete your form and send it back today.

You may still be eligible, so fill out the form and we’ll check for you. Please note that as a married couple, the PPS number used must belong to the person who is the taxpayer.

If you are unemployed or have a pension, you could have other means by which you pay income tax or capital gains tax. For example, you could pay tax on your pension or investments. This would make you eligible for tax-efficiency.

The approved body in the certificate is Sightsavers. So, you are associated with the approved body (Sightsavers) if, at the time you make a donation, you are an employee or member of Sightsavers, or of another approved body that is associated with Sightsavers.

How your gift could go further

A young girl smiles broadly as her bandage is removed following cataract surgery.

If you donate €250, we are able to reclaim tax worth €112, which could pay for sight-saving surgery for a child suffering from cataracts.

A surgical team carry out eye surgery while wearing bright blue and green surgical scrubs.

If you donate €500, Sightsavers can claim an extra €225, which is enough to fund operations on four patients with advanced trachoma.

A health worker wearing a surgical mask takes a blood sample from a patient.

If you donate €1,000, we can reclaim €450 from the Revenue, which could protect 9,750 people from contracting river blindness.

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