Voices of the marginalised: January 2016 update

Innovative and participatory research for better and inclusive policymaking

Sightsavers, ADD International, and HelpAge International believe that in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we must develop strong and inclusive policies based on evidence, and work in collaboration with people with disabilities and older people.

Since 2012, with the support of two research institutes, our jointly led Voices of the Marginalised project has brought the perspectives of people with disabilities and older people into consideration, with the aim of sharing their experiences in terms of social, political, economic and cultural inclusion. The study was first conducted in Bangladesh, then in Tanzania.

A woman, smiling, hugs her daughter and best friend.

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Sightsavers and disability rights
Enock, who uses a wheelchair, poses for a photo with two teachers from his inclusive school.

Sightsavers responds to report into FCDO’s work on disability inclusion

A report on the UK government’s development strategy and how inclusive it is of people with disabilities was published on Thursday 4 April.

April 2024
Two school students in Zambia huddle together at a desk. One is writing, the other is looking at the work.

Sightsavers at the CIES education conference 2024

We're attending the conference in Miami on 6-14 March to share Sightsavers’ expertise, engage with the education community and explore how we can help to transform inclusive education.

March 2024
Johannes Trimmel
Sightsavers blog

The key to inclusive education is engaging organisations of people with disabilities

Collaborating with disability groups has earned the Inclusive Futures consortium a Zero Project Award in 2024.

Johannes Trimmel, February 2024