Save children from agony

Every day, children around the world are going blind from eye conditions that are easily preventable.

Your generosity can help give them the care they desperately need.

You have probably seen our TV adverts of children like Rukkaya, Lubasi, Archana or Chimwemwe, who were at risk of needlessly going blind.

Trachoma, the world’s leading cause of infectious blindness, was slowly and painfully stealing Rukkaya’s and Lubasi’s sight. It’s so important that we take action now before trachoma cruelly takes away the future of even more children. Though difficult to watch, we have to stand up for these children and share their stories with you.

Rukkaya and Lubasi were diagnosed with trachoma – an excruciating disease that starts out like conjunctivitis. Left untreated, it can turn the eyelashes inwards so they scratch against the eyeball. Every blink is agony. Without treatment, trachoma could have stolen their sight completely and destroyed their hopes for the future.

Nine-year-old Archana had bilateral cataracts. It hurt to even open her eyes in bright light, she had to hold books inches from her face to read the page and completing schoolwork was a huge strain. Children with sight loss are often unable to continue in school. Without an education, they can grow up with no way to make an income – and no escape from poverty.

Chimwemwe, now almost two had been born with cataracts. Other children his age were beginning to walk and play together, but he didn’t seem able to do these things. His mother felt so helpless and worries what the future would hold for her son.

No child should lose their sight to cataracts. Your gift today could help end the worry and save the sight of more children like Archana and Chimwemwe.

Just €5 a month could protect a classroom of children against trachoma and ensure children like Lubasi and Rukkaya have the chance of a brighter future.

Please donate to Sightsavers. We urgently need your help to find children like Rukkaya, Lubasi, Archana and Chimwemwe, and give them hope for the future.

How your money can make a difference

An eye health worker checks a young girl's eyes for signs of trachoma.

Eye health screenings

Community eye screenings help us reach children in some of the most remote areas. A health worker will check each child's eyes to see if they need treatment.

Archana is having a cataract operation. A doctor stands over Archana while they are working on Archana's eye.

Life-changing surgery

Operations to treat cataracts and trachoma can take less than an hour. Your donations can help us train eye doctors and health workers, and pay for operations.

Help give children like Rukkaya a brighter future